Women's healthcare from the first period to menopause.
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About Dr. Alexandr Gudz

Dr. Alexandr Gudz's office in Wallington has become the leader in non-invasive solutions to women's health issues. It is one of the few practices in New Jersey offering the most advanced treatment for women right in the comfort of the office. Special procedures include Novasure and Thermachoice III to alleviate heavy, painful periods. This treatment is safe and simple, only takes about 15 minutes and allows you to immediately return to your normal daily activity.
Essure Incision-free sterilization is a simple alternative to tubal ligation. It is also a 10-15 minute procedure, performed in the office, and does not involve long recovery time of more traditional method of "having your tubes tied."
To add to the plentitude of Dr. Gudz's offerings, urodynamics studies are used to diagnose and treat urinary incontinence.
Further, Dr. Gudz provides ultrasound advanced diagnostics to help detect gynecological diseases. Having this technology enables Dr. Gudz to personally perform and interpret ultrasound images right in the office.
In his practice, Dr. Gudz incorporates homeopathic therapy for treatment of menopause using herbal remedies.
Very few practices offer adolescent gynecological care and Dr. Gudz is one of them. In his office you can find solutions from the first period in your life to menopause.
Dr. Gudz is affiliated with the St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ.